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Discover the transformative power of Fagan Coaching. Janet Fagan, an accomplished career coach with vast experience across diverse industries, brings a multi-faceted approach to elevate your professional journey. As a dedicated career coach, Janet becomes your invaluable partner, guiding you through the intricacies of career planning and development. Fagan Coaching focuses on your VALUES to uncover key insights that drive important choices, empowering You to make informed decisions.

Distinguished by strategic guidance, support, and personalized advice, Fagan Coaching serves as a beacon for individuals seeking excellence. Janet, your trusted career coach, listens attentively, analyzes your circumstances, and empowers you to make informed decisions aligned with your goals. The positive impact extends far beyond immediate career advancements or job searches; it permeates into overall job satisfaction, work-life balance, and long-term economic stability.

Take the next step in your journey towards success!

It all starts with a Complimentary 25-minute Session. The client articulates specific areas requiring assistance, ranging from career plan and trajectory, to resume review, job transition and search, and personalized guidance and support. Janet will share detailed information concerning the flexible service options and pricing structures to accommodate any budget. Confidentiality and transparency are hallmarks of her service. She hears, listens, and supports you!

LinkedIn Profile Review

Elevate your professional image on LinkedIn with our LinkedIn Profile Review service. Benefit from expert tips to create a compelling profile that captivates HR, employers, and recruiters.

Career Coach Sessions

Personalized Career Coach can transform your career to sync better with your talents. Whether shifting industries, advancing to management, pursuing further education, or starting a business, receive strategic steps toward a successful career transition.

Laser Coach Sessions

For returning clients, this session addresses specific personal or career issues efficiently. It employs specialized techniques to promptly delve into and resolve identified challenges, providing timely and effective problem resolution.

Job Search Coach

These coaching sessions accelerate your career trajectory. Tailored guidance refines your approach, optimizing resumes, honing interview skills, and helps you to navigate the job market strategically to land that job.

Resume Review

Elevate your professional profile. Crafted for impact, your resume will stand out, showcasing skills and achievements effectively. Secure the attention of employers with a compelling and polished representation of your career.

Business Coach

Have a business idea in your mind but need help penning it? Embark on a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial self-sufficiency. Get the business guidance you need to map out the roadmap for your success.

Navigating the Current Job Market

In the current robust job market, signs of resilience persist despite potential layoffs. Forbes highlights a focus on retaining employees post-“The Great Resignation,” emphasizing adaptability and upskilling in a dynamic landscape.

For upward mobility and to articulate your Value effectively to employers, develop your brand with Janet Fagan, career coach, ensuring you stand out in this competitive job market.

Empower Your Career Journey

Look no further; the optimal destination has been found. As a dedicated career coach at Fagan Coaching, Janet offers a focused, strategic approach and the expertise to overcome obstacles, propelling individuals decisively toward their objectives. Through attentive listening, collaborative partnership, and unwavering encouragement, comprehensive support is provided. The coach partners with clients to achieve success, offering exclusive assistance tailored to goals for a career change, transition, job search, or starting a new business. Engagement is encouraged – let’s talk!

In today’s challenging economy and job market, we all need help focusing and charting our course in the next phase of our career…whatever our circumstances!

Are you affected by company realignments and resulting unemployment?

Planning to start your own business?

Considering a career change?

Looking for a new position with growth potential and more income?

Planning on semi-retirement, seeking meaningful volunteer or part-time work?

Why Choose Janet's Career Coach Services?

Janet can optimize your professional career on LinkedIn and with her resume review. She can help you transition into a new career or help you interview for the job you desire.

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