Maybe you need a career coach!

Have you ever stopped and thought…”I really am not a fit or happy in my current job”?  Your career is such an important part of your identity and ,also, means to earning a living.  So many often avoid thinking of making a change. The idea, itself, seems daunting and perhaps even a bit overwhelming.    

We often think about it, but then put it aside and move on to other things. One thing to remember, we are all wired with a desire to reach our potential.  So. if that idea and thought keeps nagging you along, it will keep persisting. 

What are some ways to get off the mark and DO something?

      Don’t be too uneasy about the idea or too hard on yourself.  A bit of boldness and positivity can’t hurt. A mind shift may be necessary.  I often recommend to clients that talking to others who know  you or have worked with you can be a confidence boost.  First, if you know how you want to make that change…( a new industry, or new career…or maybe even taking courses that will boost chances for a new career) talk to friends who know about that field or area. Do they know anyone they can recommend you talk to. And most of all, you can ask them what they think of you…what are your greatest strengths, can they cite times when you have accomplished certain things. Also you can talk with co workers to get an idea of how they perceive your strengths. This is like a mini self 360 you can do on your own!  It will provide you with insights about yourself and your skills, strengths and you might even get some networking contacts from these conversations.   Are you ready to make the change or do you just want to start jotting notes and making a plan?

Also, do you have the time and energy to make a career transition or change?  You will know when the time is right. If you are in a good place overall, it’s the right time to transform your life.  You even might consider getting in touch with a career coach who can partner with you to discuss goals and next steps, even develop an action plan (and one that is reasonable and you can achieve).

     Understanding the steps and logistics  involved in making a sound career change or transition is key to success. Having the support of a career coach will provide you with solid support for your plans and the objectivity and assistance you need. It’s truly a challenge to try to do it alone.  It may take some time, but if you design a realistic, do-able plan…you can take small steps in order to reach that goal.  The key is ‘GETTING STARTED’.   Feel free to each out to me for questions about career coaching: – On the site, complete the form online for a 25 minute complimentary intro phone call to find out more!