Career Coach Services

Elevate your career with Janet Fagan’s comprehensive Career Coach Services, designed to provide personalized guidance and strategic insights.

In the competitive job market, a skilled coach is your indispensable partner, offering valuable perspectives and tailored strategies to help you stay ahead and achieve professional excellence. Janet’s career coach services are thoughtfully executed to each person’s needs in the competitive job market. Don’t get left behind.

Career Coach Services

Our range of professional Career Coach Services will strategically position you for success and secure the ideal job that aligns with your aspirations.

LinkedIn Profile Review

Optimize your LinkedIn profile with our Profile Review service. Receive expert tips to craft a compelling profile that captivates HR, employers, and recruiters. Ensure your professional presence stands out, opening doors to new opportunities in your career journey.

Career Coach Sessions

Embark on a transformative Career Change journey with a dedicated career coach. Whether shifting industries, advancing to management, pursuing further education, or starting your own business, get personalized coaching for strategic steps towards a successful career transition.

Laser Coach Sessions

Explore LASER COACH Sessions, designed for those who've previously coached with us. Delve into personal or career-related challenges, employing targeted techniques to address core issues. Experience the value of reflection, being heard, and receiving objective coaching for clarity and actionable steps toward success.

Job Search Coach

Elevate your job search with a Job Search Coach. Scheduled sessions cover a range of crucial topics including Personal Branding, LinkedIn Optimization, Job Marketing, Application Strategies, 1:1 Video Interview Practice, and Salary Negotiation tips. Secure your career success today!

Resume Review Service

Our Resume Review Service is your key to securing that dream job. Let expert analysis and optimization elevate your application through suggestion or a complete resume revision, ensuring you stand out and align perfectly with prospective employers' needs.

Business Coach

With tailored guidance, strategic insights, and personalized advice, a skilled coach helps navigate the complexities of business development. From refining your business plan to implementing effective strategies, a Business Coach propels your venture forward, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Why Choose Janet's Career Coach Services?

Janet can optimize your professional career on LinkedIn and with her resume review. She can help you transition into a new career or help you interview for the job you desire.

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Essential Traits in Hiring and the Impact of First Impressions

Janet can guide you in showcasing traits like loyalty, integrity, and sincerity, emphasizing the importance of first impressions and helping you align with diverse yet crucial personality types sought by employers. Research shows that 83% of recruiters hire based on first impressions.


Committed to the success of the organization. Forbes reports, happy employees mean “hefty profits."


Employees commit seriously, proactively clarify responsibilities, and take accountability for their results.


Sincerity builds trust through consistent honesty and openness, earning a trustworthy reputation over time in relationships.