Maybe you need a career coach!

Have you ever stopped and thought…”I really am not a fit or happy in my current job”?  Your career is such an important part of your identity and ,also, means to earning a living.  So many often avoid thinking of…

Boomerang Employees

Boomerang Employees, Would You Return to Former Employer blog post.

What are Boomerang Employees? Would you return to your former job after being laid off? A recent survey notes that 58% said definitely ‘No’. (Source: What if your former employers recruit you again to come back to work with…

Best Places to Work In 2024

Best Places to Work in 2024,

Where are the best places to work in 2024? Is return-to-office on the rebound? Will AI replace us all? This year was a whirlwind! But the labor market’s resilience has kept larger storms at bay. The rise of Gen Z…

Everyone Needs a Career Coach

Everyone Needs a Career Coach,

Everyone needs a career coach! A great coach partners with you and understands how your goals fit into your career path. Let me help guide you to the goals in your life.